Fill out the order form below to get started. Only one cake flavor/icing/filling/topping combination will be accepted per order submission.


12 standard

24 standard

36 standard

48 standard

Cake, Icing, Topping






12 deluxe

24 deluxe

36 deluxe

48 deluxe

Standard + Filling






24 mini

36 mini

48 mini

Cake and Icing




Gluten Free

+ $5.00/dozen

Custom Cakes

Cakes will be subject to request.

Order Form

Note: Orders submitted with less than four business days notice, may not be fulfilled.

One thought on “Sugarshop

  1. alisonlaninger

    I ordered 3 dozen mini cupcakes for our Labor Day party this year and they were a hit! Half were maple bacon (with candied bacon on top) and the others were lemon with blueberry icing. Both flavors looked adorable and tasted amazing. I will 100% order more desserts from SugarShop for future parties.


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